Adorable Dog Shower Curtains

People who have dogs don’t just love them – they adore them! They can’t seem to get enough of dog stuff. So if you are one of those people, or know someone who is like that, then getting a doggy-themed shower curtain might be just the thing to do. Here are some that I came across that look super cute:

Aren’t these awesome? These are just a few ideas – you can find plenty more dog curtains. You can even get some customized shower curtains if you’d like, with your own dog’s picture on there.

By the way, while I am on the topic of dogs, I just cannot resist saying this – there are so many lost dogs nowadays that it almost seems like an epidemic. All responsible dog owners should try to take steps to prevent this. Try using a pet-tracking system to ensue that you don’t lose your dog.

Unique Decor To Jazz Up Your Shower

Whether you realize it or not, your shower is an incredibly important part of your life. Most of us use this appliance extremely often whether it is every day or every couple of days. Jazzing up your shower isn’t just useful to you, but also gives your bathroom a better overall look.

Multiple Jets:

One way to enhance your shower would be to get a multiple jet shower. Believe it or not, this could have a very big effect on the rest of your day. Multiple jets will allow the shower to be quicker since you would be hitting more spots at once. Additionally, it’s better on the body and feels nicer when multiple jets are hitting you at once as opposed to one tiny jet where you have to try and cringe your entire self under.

Massage Shower-head:

Another way to jazz up your shower would be to get a massage shower. This can be extremely soothing to your body and exceedingly useful especially when you have back pains for example.

Glass Door:

Getting a unique glass door for your shower is another tremendously beneficial addition you can employ in your bathroom. The difference in the overall appearance of your bathroom will change drastically and the room will appear much more open. Functionality wise, it will be a lot easier to get in and out. Additionally, there won’t be any chance of water flying out like it may if you had a curtain. Unfortunately, glass doors for showers can be quite expensive. They have also been known to cause a few fatal injuries in the past if you are not paying attention and slip in the shower. Not only do the actual doors cost a lot, but so does the entire installation process too. Getting a glass door for your shower is quite a project, but its cost and overhead is outweighed by its benefits.

Shower Curtain:

An alternative option if investing in a glass door for your shower may be too much is changing your shower curtain. This can have a big affect on the overall impact of your bathroom’s appearance as well and can really enhance the look of your shower. You can even order a custom one if you want!

You can also make your shower more visually appealing by actually changing the color of the base or the tub. Changing it to a color to green or red is not usual or recommended, but a more subtle color like black or white would look elegant.

Decorate your bathroom on a low budget

Although your bathroom may not be the biggest, you can smartly design it in such a way where it looks visually appealing as well as much bigger! Factors that can determine the illusion of the size of a restroom include lighting, various colors, and fixtures to name a few.


Most decorative ideas for restrooms tend to pertain to lighting. With the correct lighting, a smaller bathroom can look much bigger. One decorative idea is  to intelligently place your fixtures around where the light shines as the bathroom will now seem more open. You can even add an additionally mirror to make the bathroom look even bigger.

Change Surface Patterns:

Furthermore, one other idea is to change the surface patterns in your bathroom. An example of this would be replacing the tile on your floors and walls differently and uniquely. This actually makes an immense difference. You have several choices on which particular tiling to choose. However, many studies show that tiling your wall with several horizontal lines on the tile makes a tremendous impact on creating a larger look for the space.


An additional bathroom decorating idea would be to paint the walls. The variety of colors you can choose from is huge, and it is really up to you what kind of look you want to go for. For instance, darker colors don’t end up making the space feel larger such as lighter colors. However, several people are fond of darker colors due to its classier and more traditional look. When it comes to paint choices, there really are a numerous amount of choices. Make sure to do adequate amount of research before settling on a paint, because it’s not just the exact color you have to choose. There are many different qualities and prices of similar looking paints, so choosing the correct paint for your bathroom is a big step in decorating it well. Check out these¬†examples of painted bathrooms.

Use Shelves:

One other simple bathroom decorating idea is to not only keep everything properly organized, but do so with aesthetic shelves and other stylish furniture. This look can hopefully keep most things off your bathroom counter, thus adding to the room’s look.

Utilize Hidden Storage:

Lastly, a bathroom decorating idea is to properly use hidden storage. This may seem like an obvious one, however if you truly are maximizing the hidden storage’s potential, you’ll find a big difference in the overall look of your new and cleaner bathroom.

Stuff about Bathroom Decor

Want to learn more about bathroom decor? If you are one of the many people who believe that the bathroom is one of the most relaxing places in your home, and you are particular about getting your bathroom to look and feel just so, then you are in the right place. You will get lots of little tips and tricks here so that you can decorate your bathroom exactly to your liking. So stay tuned!

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